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The Daily Dose of Vegan 

I'm Alex, a tech founder and with a passion for data-driven recipes. I founded some startups, worked in large corporates and own / operate a vegan Barista in Malta, called Nura. There we are making our own coffee - The A3 - organic and fairtrade, roasted in our shop.

What Is This Here?

Every day at 4 p.m. CET, we'll share a brand new vegan recipe. No more, no less. Subscribe to our email list, and you'll never miss a one! 

Every 365 recipes, we'll compile our creations into a beautiful hardcover cookbook. You'll be able to purchase it directly from us or find it at your favorite bookstore in Malta.

Why Vegan?

Well, for me as hobby chef it's not just about the ethical or environmental benefits (though those are pretty awesome). For me, it's about discovering a whole new world of taste and variety. Vegan cooking is anything but boring – it's experimenting with natural colors, sometimes weird textures, and unexpected combinations. I don't like "vegan sausage" or "vegan bacon" - it's made from plants, so call it like that. If you don't like to eat vegetarian or vegan, don't eat it.